Evergreen Endurance Coaching offers coaching for cycling, hiking, running, triathlon, duathlon, paddling/rowing, and swimming.  Evergreen Endurance can also help you plan and train for longer bikepacking, backpacking and packrafting expeditions. For info about specific services and rates, click here.

Jessica Kelley is the coach and owner of Evergreen Endurance. More about Jessica’s coaching philosophy and experience below.

Coaching Philosophy:

I coach athletes of all levels and abilities. As a working mom, I understand what it means to lead a busy life and am an expert at helping people with hectic schedules find time to train. I most enjoy working with individuals who want to challenge themselves and are willing to work hard.

My approach to coaching is evidence-based and backed by a B.S. and M.S in the biological sciences. Although I base my coaching methods on the best available science, I also understand that every athlete is an individual, and that coaching is an art as well as a science. I write training plans that are tailored to your schedule, taking into account how a particularly stressful week at work or at home can affect your ability to train and recover. I pride myself on being extremely responsive and accessible. My athletes have unlimited email and phone contact with me, and I communicate with many of them on a daily basis.


Athletic background:

I have not always been an athlete, and am not a “natural” by any means. I know what it’s like to work hard for results and I understand the challenge of making big changes. I also know how rewarding it is to set a goal and then achieve it, and I love helping others do the same.

Some of my notable endurance accomplishments are listed below. For athlete results and testimonials, click here.


Notable results/routes:

Backcountry experience:

In addition to the races and events listed above, I am intimately familiar with Washington’s backcountry, particularly the north and central Cascades and foothills. I frequently assist my athletes with trail recommendations and trip planning. I also have experience in California, Colorado, Oregon, and Alaska, as well as international adventures in Guatemala, Ecuador, and Tanzania.