Services and Rates

Coaching: Get a detailed training program specifically designed to help you meet your athletic goals, while taking into account your personal and work commitments. When we first begin working together, I’ll create a “big picture” training plan that is our road map for your season. Every week I use this road map to write specific workouts based on your goals and based on how your body is responding to training. In short, no cookie-cutter training programs! In addition to the training program, you receive daily feedback from me, including analysis of your heart rate and/or power files. These frequent coach/athlete interactions create accountability and allow me to revise your schedule if needed, resulting in even more effective coaching. Email to get started.

  • Set-up fee – $90 (includes 60 minute consultation)
  • Coaching rates:
    • $300/month 
    • What you get:
      • Heart rate (HR), power and/or pace-based training
      • Personalized daily training plan that can incorporate other forms of exercise at your request (yoga, pickleball, etc.)
      • Customized training log where you enter your workout data and I provide daily feedback
      • Unlimited training plan revisions
      • Unlimited email contact
      • Unlimited phone calls
      • Unlimited texting
      • “Big Picture” training plan –a road map for reaching your goals
      • HR, power and/or pace zone testing every 4-8 weeks to assess your fitness and progress (you do the test on your own with detailed instructions from me,  then I analyze your results and assign your zones)
      • Assistance selecting races/events/long-term goals
      • Guidance with race-day nutrition
      • Tips and techniques for mental training and preparation

Consultations – $90/hour: Consults are perfect for those athletes who have specific questions but aren’t necessarily looking for consistent guidance or accountability. What we discuss in the consult is entirely up to you, but examples of consult topics include how to nail your taper, general guidelines for training with heart rate or power, or how to create an annual training plan (ATP). Consults can be done in-person (local athletes only), on the phone, or by video call – your choice! Please email to make an appointment.

Route-planning/curated hikes – rates vary, email for details: Do you live in the Puget Sound area and want to bike, run, or walk commute but aren’t sure of the fastest and safest route? Or perhaps you live in Eastern Washington and have always wanted to explore the backcountry but need some help picking a trail and planning the logistics? Or maybe you want specific recommendations for trails close to your house, or less-crowded routes that are off the beaten path, or trails that provide particularly stunning views? I can help! Please email to discuss details.

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