Athlete Testimonials

“Jessica is a dedicated, skilled, and passionate coach. She has impressed me with her first-hand knowledge of training for and competing in endurance events, her efficient organizational skills and her personal skills and empathy. Thanks to your excellent training instruction Jessica, I couldn’t have done it without you.” – Maggie, 2nd overall at XTERRA Lord Hill trail run

“All through the race I had your calm counsel running through my head. It was very reassuring and took the guesswork out of pacing and made me dig deeper when it started to hurt. I had fun, and I don’t think it was because I placed well (although that didn’t hurt!), but because I raced hard. Thank you for helping me get here! And thank you again for being so responsive to emails and nonjudgmental about any concerns I have. I know that probably seems obvious, and indeed expected of a coach, but you’d be surprised. You’re awesome and I talk you up to friends and clients when they ask about endurace sport training.” – Ann, 3rd overall at the Five Mile Lake Women’s Triathlon, 1st age group at Lake Tye triathlon, 3rd age group at Seafair triathlon

“I appreciate all your support, the phone calls, the banter about details and my thousand questions, and everything you’ve done… without what you have taught me, there is absolutely no question that this would have been impossible for me to achieve…” -Michael, after the California Death Ride.

“My experience being coached by you has been exceptional… you were with me every step of the way, you were always intuitive, you always had the right thing to say.  I have learned a lot about myself through the training.  It has just been a great experience.” -Kim, after La Mi-Marmotte (6600 ft elevation gain in just 47 miles!)

“When Jessica started coaching me, I had just gone back to work and had three small children. Jessica worked around my crazy schedule with a human and scientific touch, and I trusted her methods 100%. Her organization and thoroughness are without comparison; her skills and experience are vast; and her charisma and humor can’t be beat. Best yet, her results speak for themselves:  I would have never reached the podium without Jessica. ” – Jeni H., 3rd overall at the Philadelphia Hunger 5k

“The plan paid off! I’m super pleased with the whole approach for this year. I felt like I got stronger and was actually competing, not just completing. I have a lot of results to be proud of and it was a great year. Plus, I have no back issues or knee issues or ITB issues – my body is healthy. I’ve been racing for five years, and my biggest regret is not doing this sooner!” – Tim C.

“I can’t emphasize enough how invaluable Jessi’s coaching has been.  Especially since this is my first Ironman and I have a full time job.  So, not only do I get amazing workouts, inspirational quotes, articles, and guidance on gear and nutrition but I can still have a somewhat balanced life since I’m not spending every waking moment researching what I should be doing.  Her knowledge is vast and her enthusiasm for the sport is even more impressive!” – Lindsay, Beach to Battleship iron distance triathlon finisher

“Jessica, thanks for another great workout last night. I’ve learned a lot in regard to skills and also in regard to pushing myself a little bit harder.  Thanks to you on the pushing part, I really need that, I tend to quit too soon so your encouragement to keep going at the top of the hill has been good for me.” – Darlene, after an in-person training session

“I’m a 56-year old academic with limited time but unlimited desire to cycle up mountain passes, the higher and longer the better. I hired Jessica to help me get ready for a three week trip to Europe, and I could not have made a better decision. She devised a training plan, introduced me to the principles of heart rate training, encouraged me when I thought I wouldn’t make it, and admonished me (gently) when I wasn’t taking the workouts seriously. I arrived in Switzerland with power to spare and was able to apply what I had learned (pacing!) on the climbs. Upon returning I have decided to retain Jessica’s services, as I want to work through the fall and winter to increase my fitness and climb even higher mountains next year. Jessica is very responsive (even when she is traveling!), tailors the workouts to her clients’ need, and has vast amounts of knowledge and experience.” – Helmut, after three weeks of cycling in the Swiss and Italian Alps

“I am just getting back into the racing world after a few decades of devoting my free time to kids, pets, etc. and working through various injuries.  I made some progress with racing on my own, but I decided that I would benefit from getting direction and feedback from a coach.  Jessica was recommended to me by another athlete. I have worked with Jessica for almost a year. She is a great coach who has helped me stay consistent, balanced and focused, and to peak at the right times for the right races. Given that I am injury prone, as well as over 50, she has also helped me hold back when necessary to prevent season-ending problems.  Further, I have benefited from her knowledge and experience about triathlons and the training and equipment involved. I am looking forward to working with her during the off season and beyond.”  -Mary F., numerous age group wins and top 10 overall triathlon finishes

“Jessica is the real thing: an exceptional coach who is skilled, intuitive, ultra responsive, and communicative. I came to Jessica as a novice bicyclist, with an audacious goal — join a Swiss cycling trip with 12 experienced riders and hold my own. I knew there would be strenuous, famous climbs and six days of 70+ mile riding. Oh, and the trip was in six months. Jessica guided me to reach my (in retrospect crazy) goal. I started from scratch, with fear of downhills, cars, other cyclists, and especially, clipless pedaling. Jessica taught me good form, safety maneuvers, ascending and descending strategies, and lots more. Most of all, she supported and encouraged me from day to day. Jessica has opened up a new sport for me, including weekend rides with my partner, and potential trips to new places. I am enormously appreciative of Jessica’s hard working, hands-on approach to coaching.” – Bonnie, from cycling newbie to confident and competent in less than 6 months

“After doing my first Ironman in 2012, I knew I needed help improving my time for the next Ironman and beyond.  So, I came to Jessica and she helped refine my training and pushed me to become a better endurance athlete. In 2013 I dropped over an hour off my 2nd Ironman time, and in 2014 I set another PR during my 3rd Ironman! My training is so much better and I’m seeing such an improvement. Being in the field of coaching and strength and conditioning myself, I know a good coach is someone who will push you but understands their athletes.  Jessica Kelley is the type of coach who does those things.  She desires her athletes to have the best training and wants them to achieve their goals.  Thanks Jessica! The training was right on and I felt great and made it through another year no injuries and a successful race.  Looking forward to even faster times in the coming years.” – Anya Tronson, multiple Ironman finisher

“I think [you’ve] probably saved my life…” – Mary D., after an in-person training session:

“Jessica Kelley helped me become a road racer. I could not ask for a better coach!  Jessica is extremely knowledgeable and fact-driven, something that, as a fellow scientist, I really appreciate. She is extremely prompt with daily feedback and is also flexible and adapts my workouts based on fatigue, illness, and other life stressors.” – Emanuela, numerous top 10 and podium finishes in her category for road, mountain and cyclocross

“Your organization, enthusiasm, and knowledge have been invaluable… Thank you for all you’ve done to support me; I’ve really learned a lot.” -Tricia, top local triathlete

“I’m 69 years old and had never raced before. This summer, I decided (for reasons that still elude me…) to enter the Colorado State Hill Climb Championships.  It starts at an elevation of 7,540 ft and climbs continuously for 27 mi to an elevation of 14,130 ft.  My goal was simply to finish the race, and I hired Jessica to coach me into shape.  In the end, I finished 15th in my category. I could not have done it without her fantastic coaching.  (Oh yes. Jessica is my daughter. But it’s a true story.)” – Peter, after finishing his first bike race

“Working with Jessica as a coach has been invaluable to me.  Even though I had been cycling for many years, I was new to the sport of triathlon. Jessica guided me in my training, which helped me to achieve ALL my personal goals. She coached me in all 3 disciplines in a very safe and effective way. I have matured as an athlete as a result of working with her, and fully appreciate her coaching style which keeps me motivated, and accountable, at the same time.  I love having her on my ‘team!'” – Susan, 2nd in her age group at her very first triathlon

“Thank you for helping me in a huge way meet this goal and challenge!” – Kelly, after completing her first 100+ mile bike race

“I am an experienced long-course triathlete.  I knew I would eventually do another Ironman, so for 3 years I was on a mission to find ‘the right coach.’ After asking countless athletes about their experiences with their coaches and even signing up with several others (and leaving), I found Jessica Kelley.  How do I know I’ve found the right coach? Jessica is knowledgeable and experienced so her training plan can be trusted to help you reach your goals. She is not only passionate about our sport, she’s passionate about your success: she cares. Jessica listens, then tailors your training plan to fit your life and to the best of your ability.  She is reliable:  she responds to every email, phone call promptly in a friendly and professional manner. This creates trust and respect. Jessica holds you accountable, yet is flexible enough to change up the training plan when necessary. Be prepared to work hard!  Perhaps most important of all is Jessica’s positive, upbeat attitude so necessary in any athletic endeavor. They say finishing an ironman is 20 % training 80% mental. I can’t say for certain what will happen when I participate in Ironman this November, but I know one thing for sure: I found the ‘right coach.’” – Mona, 65 years old, multiple Ironman finisher

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