Wallace Lake on two wheels

After 8.5 weeks without a single long day of moving through the woods/mountains, I’ve been feeling sluggish and desperate to get out. The only problem is that my ankle can still only handle a couple miles of hiking (and about 3 steps of running) before it starts to hurt. Luckily, as of this week I am officially back on the bike: not only am I riding outside, but I’m able to clip in/out of my pedals and can even stand up to climb for short periods of time!

I decided to make the most of my newfound freedom and do some exploring on my gravel grinder. My goals were to see some snow-capped mountains, pedal through the forest, and maybe even visit a few places that I usually get to on foot.

Wallace Falls State Park seemed like the perfect destination, especially since they allow bikes on many of their trails. I mapped out a route that started and ended at the Sultan Bakery (because yum), and then away I went on my bike. Wheeeeeeee! (GPX file here.)

Approx 25 miles and 2500 ft of gain. All gravel except Hwy 2 and Kellogg Lake Rd. (Although Hwy 2 has enough debris on the shoulder that it’s basically like riding on gravel anyway.)

I did the loop counterclockwise. I knew the first half of the route, or the southeastern part of the loop, would definitely go because I had run part of it a couple years ago. But I wasn’t too sure about the second half of the loop, which made the whole thing more exciting. (It doesn’t take much these days. 😉 Turns out the entire loop is perfect for a gravel bike, and more scenic and remote than you might expect from a series of active and abandoned forest service roads. I only saw two other people once I left the pavement.

So green. So good to be back!
State Park boundary
Where the rubber meets the road
Skykomish Valley with the river glinting in the foreground
Wallace Lake
Olney Creek was pumping

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