Winthrop family vacation

Posting a few quick pics from a recent family trip to Winthrop, WA. We rented a friend’s net-zero cabin and it was awesome! If you’re into that kind of stuff, you could spend hours on their website geeking out about the building process.

In addition to hanging out at Artemisia (the zero-energy cabin), we also went hiking, rafting, horse-back riding, and hung out at the pool with the Naneys.
Thunder Knob trail is in great shape, as is Tiffany Mountain. Lost River was good for 1-2 miles, and then brushy but passable after that.

I had a minor epiphany on this trip… Although guided tours aren’t my first choice when traveling alone or with Tom, when you’re doing things with your kiddo for the very first time it is REALLY nice to have a guide. The guides can worry about snacks, logistics, etc, while we get to focus on Rowan as she floats a river or rides a horse for the first time. Neato.

One second you’re changing their diaper, the next second they’re flashing the peace sign in pics.
Family hike on the Thunder Knob trail.
20170623_154310 crop
Daddy docking station: Rowan fills up on water and kisses.
Our super cool net-zero rental, Artemisia
Views of Mt Gardner from the cabin. After staring at that mountain all weekend, it’s now on the to-do list.
Tom went for an early-morning hike while Rowan and I slept in. His primary goal: find a creek in the woods; chill out and enjoy the sound of moving water. ❤
I went for an early-morning hike while Tom and Rowan slept in. My primary goal: standing on the top of that big pile of dirt in the background (Tiffany Mountain). 


Mountain lion sign (?)
View from the top of the big hill (Tiffany Mtn)
Looking out over the Pasayten Wilderness
Much of the area around Tiffany Mtn has burned, but there are still a few oases of green
Family rafting on the Methow River
Horse-back riding in Mazama
Alpenglow on Gardner



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