Index-Beckler loop (bike)

Index – Beckler loop: probably one of my top 5 most favorite rides ever! I headed north out of Index, hike-a-biked through the woods where the road is washed out, cruised along the car-free Index-Galena Rd, up and over Jack Pass on gravel, and then back to the car on relatively smooth pavement. Oh and I almost hit a BEAR!!! I was descending Beckler Rd and I came flying around a corner and there was a small black bear grazing on the left side of the road. He looked up, saw me, panicked, and ran across the road directly in front of me. I grabbed a handful of brakes and skidded to a stop, missing him by approx 10 ft. It still felt awfully close. He was gone before I could get my camera out.

One of my best days on my bike for sure!

Thanks to David Longdon for writing his recent piece on gravel-grinding – it definitely re-inspired me to get out there.


Approximately 45 miles and 4k gain. 1 mile of hike-a-bike, 10 miles of gravel
View from the Index bridge
The road ends here
20170621_102441 (1)
Bear MountainΒ 
That way


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