Volcan Acatenango

On Dec 29, I hiked up Volcan Acatenango, just outside out Antigua, Guatemala. I asked around, and the general consensus was that hiking solo, especially as a woman, was not recommended. For this trip I went with OX Expeditions, which was a fine tour company, but Old Town Outfitters (the company that took us up Pacaya) remains my favorite.Β Regardless, it was a fun day, and I surprised myself by having a great time hiking with a relatively large group of approx 10 people.

My Suunto watch says it was 8 miles round trip and 6100 ft of elevation gain – a stout hike for sure, especially since we started at an altitude of 7000 ft and ascended to just over 13,000 ft. While Acatenango is definitely not family-friendly like Pacaya, it is certainly achievable as a day hike if you’re willing to do a bit of slogging and have a little Type 2 fun.

The first mile of the hike is through corn fields. The summit of Acatenango is still out of sight, but it’s possible to catch glimpses of Atitlan (shown here).Β 
Paintbrush and toilet paper – both commonly seen in the high alpine of Acatenango. We brought down 3 garbage bags full of trash, and didn’t even put a dent in things.
Fog rolling in and out
Misty rainbow
Taking a break at the saddle just before the summit
Summit push
Volcan Agua, tucked in by clouds
Last stretch of trail before the top
Approaching the summit crater
Warming our hands in volcanic vents
Lunch in front of Volcan Fuego
Pastoral views
Fuego letting off a little steam
Descending through the cloud forest

2 Replies to “Volcan Acatenango”

  1. Very cool, Jessica. Nice work on the clean up. I’m sure it made a difference.

    No female solo? Danger, or sexism, or a chance for locals to make some cash by guiding?

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