Middle Fork Snoqualmie to Goldmyer

Quick update on the Middle Fork Snoqualmie trail… Mostly snow-free, even after the low elevation snowfall yesterday (Dec 5). Towards the end of the trail (near Goldmyer) there were 3-4 inches of snow on the trail, but you definitely didn’t need snowshoes. Also, I was able to keep my feet dry on all the stream crossings – and I don’t have long legs. It’s winter, so there are some mudpits and a few places where a stream has overtaken the trail, but everything is passable.
One word of warning: there are a couple of log bridges (including the logs over Burnt Boot Creek) that are covered in snow. I imagine those could get pretty slick if/when the snow turns to ice.
Also worth noting that the Middle Fork road is now basically all paved, and it only took me 1 hr 10 min (!) to get to the Middle Fork trailhead from north of Seattle. 
Middle Fork trailhead to Goldmyer Hot Springs and back is ~22.5 miles and ~2600 ft of elev gain. If you got into Hardrock, this route probably isn’t your best bet for training. 🙂 But if you’ve been wallowing around in all the fresh snow and now you want to do some actual running, this would be a great choice!
And of course, there’s the hot springs as your reward at the turnaround point. I didn’t go to Goldmyer because I had my pup with me and dogs aren’t allowed. However, I imagine that a soak in the hot springs would be a really nice mid-trail break on a cold wet winter day. 

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