Green Mountain – snow

I went up to Green Mountain on Wednesday and encountered a fair amount of snow, so I thought I’d post some quick details here before folks head out on their weekend adventures. Snow level was at around 4700 ft, and the trail was fully covered in snow by approx 5000 ft.  By 5400 ft (my turnaround point), there was 1-2 ft of snow on the ground.

I was expecting some white stuff, but the extent of it surprised me. (Had I checked snotel before I went, I might not have been quite as surprised. Looks like there’s 2.5 ft of snow at Lyman Lake and 2 ft at Harts Pass)
I also noticed a couple of recent slides, including one in the pond basin below the lookout, which is ultimately where and why I turned around. I did check NWAC before I went, and assumed that if they weren’t yet providing a forecast, the danger was minimal. In hindsight, that was a bad assumption. Perhaps the state of WA as a whole does not yet warrant an avalanche forecast, but there are certainly pockets in the North Cascades where there is already enough coverage for some early season slides.

Glacier Peak and the Suiattle River valley. Snow line just below 5000 ft.
The North Cascades, doing their thing.
Maggie, doing her thing.
“I know there’s something in there somewhere…”
The slide above the ponds – from a distance. (Those are not my tracks – I stopped where I took this picture.)
Close-up of slide above ponds
Flanks of Green Mountain (the lookout is on the high point on the left)
Another slide that had occurred along the southeast ridge of Green
Close-up of southeast ridge slide

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    1. not really–it’s more a matter of having to draw the line somewhere in terms of scheduling, since you never know what each season will bring. For example 2 years ago they were up and running but there wasn’t much to report on due to the lack of snow.

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