Grand Ridge – Olympic National Park

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the North Cascades lately, so I decided to do something different and take the ferry over to the Olympic Peninsula for a mellow day on Grand Ridge. I went from Deer Park to Obstruction Point and back again. Trails are in perfect condition. There is no water on the ridge and no water at Obstruction Point, so immediately after turning around at Obstruction Point I dropped down into Badger Valley to top off my bottles, and then regained the ridge a couple miles later.

The route (~15.5 miles, ~4000 ft of gain)

I knew the views would be outstanding on Grand Ridge, but I was pleasantly surprised with Badger Valley as well. The wildflowers are peaking in the valley right now, there was a lovely breeze, and the creek water tasted so good. (Whenever I “bend down over a clear running stream” I get that song Crazy on You by Heart stuck in my head. I can’t be the only one!… No? I guess I am.)
Anyway, Badger Valley and Grand Ridge on a warm summer day = heaven on the Olympic Peninsula. If you’re looking for a straightforward moderate route through beautiful alpine scenery, this is the one. (If you’re interested in an even flatter route, pack enough water that you don’t need to drop down to Badger Valley, and that will save you the steep climb out.)

And because I know you wanna hear it.

Pretty sure the peaks are Cameron, Carrie and Deception
Roaring Winos
Hiker in the distance
You can just barely see Grand Lake and Moose Lake nestled in the valley.
Reaching Obstruction Point. Obstruction Peak in the foreground with switchbacks down to Badger Valley. Olympus in the back. 


Heading into Badger Valley 
A clear running stream.
Wildflower waterfall
Flowers in Badger Valley. Now imagine a nice breeze blowing up the valley, and fresh cold creek water in your bottles.
Glacier Peak (!) on the horizon + random backpacker 
Grand Ridge, with Baker in the background, and three guys discussing geology in the foreground.
Last but not least, mushrooms the size of dinner plates!



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