Human-powered fun on Evergreen Mountain

I’d always been a bit hesitant about Evergreen Mountain Lookout because it’s a long slow drive on gravel roads for a relatively short pay-off (~3 miles of trail). However, when I read that the road was closed 9 miles from the trailhead due to a landslide, I  realized it was the perfect opportunity to ride my new gravel bike to the trailhead. Adding the  bike ride shortened the drive and also made the trip feel more “worth it” since I’d not only be doing the 3 mile hike/run, but also the 18 mile gravel ride.

I headed up there yesterday, which turned out to be perfect timing. The construction workers were almost finished removing the many slides and trees that covered the road, so I only had to get off and carry my bike once through a slide area. However, since the road work wasn’t quite finished it was still closed to cars, which meant I could toodle mindlessly up the middle of the road on the ascent, and cruise down the descent, without worrying about traffic in either direction. The construction workers told me they expected the road to open to cars by this weekend. [Edit: Road is open as of today, July 1 2016.]

Evergreen Mountain trail itself was in excellent condition. Only a couple inconsequential blowdowns, and not brushy at all. No snow until the very top, at which point I skirted 1-2 steepish lingering snow patches. Nothing serious. (See pic below)

A really fun day – sunshine, blue skies and an entire mountain to myself!


Orange is bike (approx 18 miles and 2000 ft of elev gain), green is on foot (approx 3 miles and 1400 ft of gain).


Switchback fun
Gravel and flowers for days
Right, I forgot that riding a bike uphill for extended periods of time is hard work.
Farewell bike, see ya in a bit
Road on the left leading to trail on the right.


Mt Fernow from the trail
First glimpse of the lookout
A few small snow patches; easy to get around


Monte Cristo group (Columbia and Kyes) with Sloan on the right
Meadows  below the lookout
Glacier Peak
Mt Fernow in the front, Daniel and Hinman in the back



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