Chiwaukum Creek

Sometimes you just want a mellow trail where you can click away the miles: well-marked with minimal blow-downs, snow-free, and no major climbs. Chiwaukum Creek trail delivers on all of those points. On weekends, I’m sure this trail sees more traffic, but I had it to myself from start to finish on Monday. It does get a bit brushy after mile 6, and the brushiness only increases as you approach Timothy Meadow. But even where it’s overgrown, the trail is always easy to follow.

I also ambled up White Pine to the Whitehorse Creek junction. The first 3 miles of White Pine, like Chiwaukum Creek trail, were snow-free, relatively flat, and had no major obstacles. I was able to keep my feet dry on all stream crossings. (No photos from White Pine, sorry.)

Just starting to rain as I pulled out of my driveway and headed east.
Chiwaukum Creek trail – still recovering from the burn, but I enjoyed the contrast of new growth against charred trunks.
Approaching Timothy Meadow
IMG_20160614_195240 (1)
As brushy as it gets on the Chiwaukum – this makes it look worse than it is. The trail is never hard to find. 

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