Girls-only Camping Trip

Tom’s band had a gig the Saturday night before Mother’s Day, so Rowan and I decided to sneak away with Maggie for a girls-only camping trip.

Woohoo! No boys allowed!

We grabbed a campsite at Deception Pass State Park and then spent the afternoon walking the short trail around Rosario Head, as well as playing a very serious game of Hot Lava. (The beach was hot lava; the huge pieces of driftwood were safe. We quickly realized that Maggie’s paws were lava-proof because she seemed entirely unaffected by walking on the hot lava).

Hot lava beach
Rosario Head
More Rosario

I showed Rowan how the tide was slowly coming in, and she decided she wanted to see the exact moment it was high tide. According to the tide tables, we still had a couple hours to go, so we went to our campsite, ate dinner, and then headed back to the beach to see how it had changed during the last two hours.

The same logs that we’d been playing on that afternoon were now getting slammed by waves. The wind had picked up, the tide was high, and a huge beach break had appeared. Cool stuff!

Same beach, two hours later

By 830 pm we were snuggled up in the back of the van, and slept soundly through the night. On Mother’s Day I was awakened at 6 am by a small finger gently tapping on my nose. “Mama… mama… wake up! Let’s make hot chocolate!” β™₯

No epic adventures or big miles or crazy stories. Just a fun weekend outside with my girls. Here’s hoping there are many more! And next time maybe we’ll even let Tom come with.


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