Sorry for the radio silence around here! After White Mountains, it was time to play. I stepped away from structured training to let my body fully recovery from the 100 and to spend some time with people and activities I’d neglected during my winter training.

Below is essentially a photographic post of everything I’ve been up to in the last month. It’s a bit of a lazy post, I know, but I tried to provide some detail in the captions.
Just like I’m easing back into training, I’m easing back into blogging. 🙂

View of Gold Creek Valley, taken from Hyak, where I spent a sunny Sunday morning practicing ice axe self-arrest (I definitely needed a refresher). Thanks again Alexei, for volunteering your time and knowledge!
Tom and Rowan ran the 1 mile Kid’s Dash at our neighborhood pajama fun run! As with many races, there was a bit of a bottleneck at the start line, so their photographer (that’s me) demanded that they pretend to run for the sake of the photo.
Rowan stopped to pick a flower for me during the race, and then gave it to me when she crossed the finish line.
Took a nice gentle walk up Baker River. This hike was in stark contrast to all the winter training I did – the sun was warm, flowers were blooming, my pack was light, and everything was green.
View of Shuksan at the end of the Baker River trail.
Wilderness First Responder certification – probably one of the most useful and interesting classes I’ve ever taken. Here I am all packaged up in a litter!
Taking pics of yourself riding bikes with friends apparently is NOT just like riding a bike. You gotta practice frequently or you’ll end up with shots like this.
Rowan’s got the ultrarunner thing down. Bright colors, flouncy skirt, jump in the air when you see the photographer.
Bucking logs at a WTA work party.
About to hop in the water at Golden Gardens for a swim. I’ve re-discovered my love for open water swimming and have a couple fun ideas for swim/run routes through the mountains this summer!


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