2015 HPCC Wrap-Up: Better Late Than Never!

Some of you might remember the 2015 Human-Powered Commute Challenge, which took place from Sept 23 – Dec 31, 2015. I know, it’s already 2016. Clearly I’ve been slacking on totaling up the miles and awarding prizes, but today I finally got my act together!

To refresh your memory: Participants received 1 point for every mile they commuted under their own power. If it rained at any time during their commute, they got double points. There were separate commuter categories for bike, walk, and run.

Without further ado, the winners of the 2015 Human-Powered Commuting Challenge are:

Bike Commuter – Ali Ritter, with 1593.8 points!

Walk Commuter – Laura Houston, with 89.7 points!

Run Commuter – Wendy Graves with 35 points!

In case you’re wondering, participants in the 2015 HPCC commuted a total of 5876.67 miles under their own power, instead of driving.

Here’s how the prizes are going to work. I’ve got a big box of awesome gear, including but not limited to:

SealSkinz waterproof gloves and socks
Bike-themed wine bottle cheese board


Blueseventy timing band and neoprene swim cap
Two lumps of (chocolate) coal

The category winners get first dibs (one prize each). After they have chosen their prizes, anyone who participated in the 2015 HPCC is welcome to swing by my house and grab one prize of their choice from the box. I may group or ungroup prizes depending on how many people actually show up to claim stuff. Callista Salazar has dibs on one of the lumps of coal because that was her idea.

This was a fun challenge to host and I definitely plan to do it again next year, with a few changes. The biggest difference will be a shorter contest period: three months is a long time for people to consistently log their miles, so I’ll probably just do it for one month next time. I may also create a Facebook group to make things easier to track and to create more of a community.

Thank you to the sponsors of this challenge, namelyย SealSkinz, Northwest Trail Runs,ย Honey Stinger, Blue Steel Sports, and Blueseventy! And to all the participants, thanks for playing and hope to see you again for the next challenge!


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