Hex Mountain

Hex Mountain is a great little snowshoe route that takes you to some nice winter views. At 7.5 miles and 2500 ft of gain, it’s not too long or difficult, and it has a relatively low avalanche risk (although not zero).

Summitpost has a good description of the route. It sounds like some people have had difficulty finding the start of FS 116 (aka the trailhead) so hopefully this will help: After Ronald, as you’re headed north/northwest on 903/Salmon La Sac Rd, keep an eye out for the fire station on your right. Immediately after the fire station, park your car on the left side of the road where it says “Single Vehicle Only.” Then walk northwest along 903/Salmon La Sac Rd. You’ll pass Timber Cove Rd. on your left. FS 116 is the next road that intersects 203 on your right, just past Newport Creek. Turn right and start walking up FS 116.

When you see this fire station on your right, start looking for parking on the left side of the road where it says “Single Vehicles Only”
Park here (as seen driving north on 203/Salmon La Sac Rd)

When I was up there, the yellow gate mentioned on Summit Post was almost buried under snow, and was not visible until you were literally on top of it. Therefore I took a pic of the “trailhead” as seen from the road.

This is what the start of FS 116 looks like. 

Once you’re on FS 116, the directions from SummitPost should get you up to the Summit.

I read multiple trip reports that indicated several groups had been up to the summit recently, and I knew it hadn’t snowed since then. Therefore, I left my snowshoes at home, but I carried my microspikes just in case. I did the whole thing in waterproof trailrunners, SealSkinz socks, and lightweight gaitors, and my feet stayed warm and dry. No need for snowshoes or traction devices.

Most of the route is in the trees, but there are still a few open sections along the ridge up to the summit that gave me pause, particularly because I was alone. In addition, I decided not to traverse the ridge between the real summit and the false summit, although it was clear that other people had gone before me. I could see that there was a cornice but wasn’t sure how big it was, and didn’t deem it worth the risk. Your situation and decisions may vary. 🙂

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