New Year’s Day at Gold Creek Pond

As usual, our little family celebrated New Year’s Eve by watching King Julien (if you have to ask, be glad you don’t know), drinking sparkling apple juice, and going to bed at 9 pm. The best thing about this tradition is that waking up bright and early on New Year’s Day is never a problem. This year our early start meant that we were able to nab a parking spot at Gold Creek Sno-Park before the rest of the masses!  Holy cow that place can get crowded.

But it’s easy to see why: stunning mountain scenery is accessible via a flat, well-trodden snowy path, less than 1 mile from Interstate 90. It’s a great option for families with small children. Currently, you don’t even need snowshoes. Right now the trail is compact snow and we did just fine in snowboots (Rowan), hiking boots (Tom), and waterproof trail runners (me).

Rowan got to build her first snowman, have her first snowball fight, and make her first snow angel. Maggie and I got to take a quick jog around the pond and enjoy the scenery. And Tom got up into the mountains, which he loves to do and has been missing lately. New Year’s fun for everyone!


There she goes, off on an epic adventure! 



The snow was too powdery to make a real snowman. 


Rowan’s first snow angel!

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