Trip Report: Mommy-daughter camping on the Olympic Peninsula

In celebration of Rowan’s birthday, I thought I’d post a few quick pics from our recent mommy-daughter camping trip in the van. Tom’s band was playing a show last Saturday night, so she and I took off for the Olympic Peninsula. We camped at Dosewallips State Park and woke up to a herd of elk tromping through the woods in the morning. After enjoying some hot cocoa and oatmeal, we took a short hike in Fallsview Canyon before catching the ferry home. Sadly I seem to have deleted all of the scenery pics I took with my “real” camera, so all I have are cell phone snaps of the kiddo. At least the grandparents will be happy!

Dosewallips is a nice little campground that works well for family car camping trips. Keep in mind that it’s a state park, so it’s not exactly remote, but it was exactly what we were looking for: Easy drive (right off Hwy 101), semi-private wooded campsite with a flat parking spot, and close to several family-friendly hikes. On a very cold but clear Saturday night in November, most of the sites were available. There is elk poop everywhere,  but that’s OK because there are elk everywhere too! (Photos of the elk were on my real camera, of course…).

Fallsview Canyon is a good kiddo hike. As a standalone hike, I don’t think it’s worth a trip from the Seattle area, but tacked on to a weekend camping trip it was perfect. The trail was in great condition with only a couple blowdowns that Rowan could easily navigate.

The best part about camping? Hot chocolate for breakfast. 
Getting schooled on how to play My Little Pony while hiking.


“The trees are breathing!”
Love her. 


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