Update #2 – 2015 Human-Powered Commute Challenge

Winter in the Seattle area is fast approaching, and with it comes darkness, rain, wind, and sometimes, if you’re really lucky, low 30s and a wintry mix (which I contend is way worse than bitter cold and snow). I made a fancy chart to illustrate my entirely unscientific observations about how PNW winters impact motivation to human-powered commute. You will see that as Winter increases from 0 to 10, Motivation decreases linearly. image.png

Despite the fact that human-powered commuting can be a bit of a drag this time of year,Β there are still some awesome people out there who are consistently commuting under their own power.

  • Martha Walsh currently has the most bike commute miles, but Ali Ritter is close behind. Both women are over 1000 miles of bike commuting since this challenge began less than two months ago (that does not include all the other riding I’m sure they both do). Nice work, ladies!
  • Even more impressive, Ali is also leading the run commute challenge. It’s extremely close though – she has 25.1 miles, while Tricia Davis has 25.0 miles.
  • Laura Houston is leading the walk commute mileage with 73.7 miles, although Elly Searle is right behind her with 67.9 miles of walk commuting.
  • Bonus points to Tim Culbertson, Amanda Dale, Amanda McNabb, and Jenna Gorham for consistently commuting and logging their miles throughout the entire challenge.
  • Total miles commuted as part of the HPCC: 4606.58 miles. In only 7.5 weeks. Yay!

For some extra motivation to human-powered commute (and log your miles), I asked my 4 yr old to start working on the coveted HPCC prizes. See below for an example of one of many prizes up for grabs in this challenge.

IMG_20151115_131353 (1).jpg
The artist
Good Lob!


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