Update on the 2015 Human-Powered Commute Challenge

The 2015 Human-Powered Commute Challenge has now been going strong for exactly one month. I created the HPCC a bit of a whim, and it’s cool to see what it’s turned into!

A few stats:

  • Total distance commuted by human power, one month into the HPC = 2,683 miles(!!)
  • Number of participants = 27
  • Current bike commute leader = Martha W., with 841 points. Martha also has the longest ride, a 101.5 mileΒ coffeeneuring trip to Mazama!
  • Current run commute leader = Me with 18 points. However, Gabrielle O. is right behind me with 17 points. Someone could easily knock us off the top by running to work on a rainy day! Hint, hint…
  • Current walk commute leader: = Laura H. with 50.5 points. Killin’ it!

Some fun notes and photos from the HPC log:

“Walked Hazel to school while she rode her bike. Uphill. With a time deadline (the bell). Did I mention it was uphill? And she’s 6? I had to push her every 30 ft or so. She suggested it’d be easier tomorrow if I drove up the hill, then she rode the last 3 blocks to school, which are flat.” -Christie S.

Followed by…

“I walked to the bar the other day – I’m assuming that counts!!” -Christie S.

“Absolutely glorious day to be in the mountains. Fall colors: maples on the west side, larch on top, aspen on the east side. Rode from Colonial Creek Campground to Mazama Store, had coffee, pie, sandwich, and rode back. Here’s evidence that the Mazama Store is one of The Very Best Places for coffeeneuring.” -Martha W., 101.5 mile coffeeneuring ride

“When i stopped to get coffee one my way into work, a woman shouted “Rainbow Dash!” Which was my RAGNAR relay name. I didn’t even know her. That made my day special πŸ™‚ Yeah Mondays!” -Michelle Johnson

“The first mile of the trip was to get Miles to school. He’s HPCing 2 miles/day round trip every day too!” – Lisa E-J

“The Prezi is in TOWN! Woot! It’s raining! The roads are going to be crazy for all those crazy drivers which is why I’m biking again. WEEEEEEE! Driving is for suckers!” -Michelle Johnson

Here’s all the stuff I carried home in a backpack in the rain. 3.36 mile trip on foot tonight. Dark AND raining!!! -Gabrielle O.
“Very rainy walk to school, but we were prepared!” -Jenna G.
Hooray for human-powered commuting!

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