Trip Report: Squire Creek Pass point-to-point

Tom played hooky today so that we could enjoy what might be The Last Nice Day Before the Rain Never Stops.

We decided to check out Squire Creek Pass, which has two approaches. One is via Eight Mile, which is an unmaintained trail with some roots, mud, and steep sections. The other approach is via Squire Creek, which is an abandoned trail that we’d heard was “a mess” and required some bushwhacking at the end. We started at Squire Creek, went over the pass, and exited via Eight Mile, for a fun little point-to-point (8.5 miles, approx 3000 ft of elevation).

Squire Creek point-to-point
Our route. We started in the north, headed south along the Squire Creek drainage, up and over Squire Creek Pass, and down Eight Mile.

The first 4.5 miles of Squire Creek are described in this helpful trip report. From approx mile 4.5 – 5, the route traverses talus fields, avalanche slopes and sections of slide alder that require some mild bushwhacking. At just over 5 miles, the route transitions back to trail as it makes the final climb to the pass.

Currently, the route is marked pretty consistently with pink flagging. You just need to keep your head up, pay attention, and be willing to get a bit scratched up. The views at the pass and the fun of a lightly travelled point-to-point route are well worth it.

Views down Squire Creek drainage.
Tom following the flagging past a giant cedar.
Salish Peak reflection.
An especially abandoned section of Squire Creek “trail.”
From left to right: Salish, Tom, the top of Whitehorse, and Squire Creek wall.
Maggie leading the way.
Three Fingers as seen from a talus field along Squire Creek.
Maggie knows a sucker when she sees one.
Views from Squire Creek Pass

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