2015 Human-Powered Commute Challenge (HPCC)

The point of this challenge is to encourage each other to drive less and bike/run/walk/skate/swim/row/etc. more. Anyone can enter! You don’t have to be in Seattle. You don’t have to work outside your home. I don’t have to know you, although it’d be great if you introduced yourself when you join.

The 2015 HPCC starts Wednesday Sept 23, 2015.

How does it work?

  1. Commute under your own power instead of driving (see below for a detailed definition of “human-powered commute”)
  2. Log your miles here.
  3. You earn 1 point for every 1 mile you commute by human-power.
  4. You earn double points if it rains at any time during a human-powered commute. (Example: It is sunny and beautiful and you bike 10 miles to work. Log that leg as a 10-point commute. That afternoon it starts to rain and you end up soaked as you ride 10 miles home. Log that leg as a 20-point commute.)
  5. I will post monthly leaderboard updates here and/or on Facebook
  6. Challenge ends on Dec 31, 2015. (If there’s enough participation, I’ll likely extend through spring 2016.)
  7. The person with the most points wins. See below for prize info.

Some details:

Definition of “human-powered commute:”
A “human-powered commute” (HPC) is when you transport yourself using only your own power, when you would otherwise use your car. Since I work from home, I might HPC to get groceries or to a dentist appt. You could HPC to visit a friend at their house – but if the two of you then went for a bike ride on a glorious autumn day… well, I highly encourage that, but the ride itself wouldn’t count as points in the HPCC.
Also, you don’t have to HPC the entire way. For instance, let’s say your office is 15 miles from home. You drive 10 miles and then park your car and run the remaining 5 miles. That’s 5 points, which is better than 0 points!
Coffeeneuring counts as HPCing. More information on coffeeneuring here.

If you win, I will post your picture here and on Facebook and talk about how you are a total badass for HPCing through the winter. Your awesomeness will hopefully inspire others to HPC as well! When you commute in bad weather, please be sure to include lots of details about how nasty it was outside. That way if you win I can include those descriptions to make your story even more inspiring.
I also might try to scrounge up a prize. This prize will likely be handmade by my 4-yr old using glitter and various paper scraps we have lying around the house.

Disclaimer: Although the description of this challenge is hosted here on evergreenendurance.com, that’s purely for convenience. This is not an official Evergreen Endurance Coaching event. This is simply a fun way for friends to encourage each other to drive less and HPC more. You are responsible for yourself. As your friend, I encourage you to wear a helmet, wear bright/reflective colors, use lights to see and be seen,   obey traffic laws, and HPC safely. 

Hooray for the HPCC!

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