I do my best to practice what I preach (not saying I always succeed). So when I started to notice that I wasn’t recovering as quickly and completely from my long runs, I decided it was time to dial it back before the niggles turned into injuries. This was a tough choice for me because I still have lots of projects/routes/races that I want to tackle! But the most important goal is to run in the mountains for many years to come. It’s been an awesome summer with some big fun runs, but it was time to take my off-season before my off-season takes me.

Of course, off-season really isn’t so bad. In fact, it’s kind of awesome. Lots of free time to spend with family and friends, a great excuse to check out short mellow trails, and a chance to do all those activities I don’t normally have the time or energy for when I’m running a lot.

My off-season (so far) in pictures, below.

Sunny afternoon in Port Townsend: Rowan skipping rocks with her two heroes (Dada and Uncle Eli)
Lake Valhalla – a nice easy jog, especially if you start from the Smithbrook trailhead.
Perfect swimming beach at Valhalla
Mellow Saturday lying on the couch, listening to Tom strum the guitar.
Camped in the back of my truck at Umtanum Creek Recreation Area. Awake in time to see the last star and first light.
Sunrise along the flat, mellow Umtanum Creek Canyon trail.
Snake in the grass.
Running with Rachel throughΒ Robinson Canyon
“Strength training” with the fam.
Grassy meadows in Grand Park.
Poor Little Tahoma. Such a cool mountain, but always in the shadow of Rainier.
Grand Park trail was made for the off-season.
Grabbing plastic – Rowan is getting good!
I thought Maggie’s new orange pack might make her easier to see during hunting season, but instead she just blends in with the fall foliage (Sawyer Pass via the Tonga Ridge trail.)
Bike rides with the ladies!
IMG_20150912_102116997 (1)
Hiking Piper’s Creek with friends. A couple years ago we gave Rowan an old digital camera with a broken screen, and now she carries it with her on every trail.
Photo by Rowan. Pretty good for a 4-yr old with a broken camera!
I’m trying to do more bike commuting as a way to atone for all the gasoline I burned driving to the mountains this summer… And also because I like to ride my bike.

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