Trip Report: High Divide via Damfino Lakes

Today I ventured up to the High Divide via the Damfino Lakes trail. (You can also find a good description of the trail here, although instead of going to Excelsior Peak I wandered along the High Divide for a couple miles.)
I’m in the midst of my off-season, and this was just what I wanted: a gentle grade providing relatively easy access to the high country. It was dumping rain as I drove to the trailhead and I started to question myself for making such a long drive to do a relatively short trail. But by the time I got to the trailhead, the rain had stopped and the sky was starting to clear.

It turned out to be an absolutely stunning day along the High Divide. The same precip falling as rain during my drive had fallen as snow above 4800 ft. It was just a light dusting and most of it had melted by the time I turned around, so I also got to see the vibrant fall colors. Best of both worlds!

Speaking of vibrant colors, deer season opened today! It was just me and Maggie (on-leash, wearing an orange pack) and a few hunters up there. They were all very friendly and chatty. Just be sure to wear your bright colors.

Sun briefly lighting the trail to the High Divide
Muted fall colors
Just a light dusting


By the time I headed back to the car, all the snow had melted.
Pretty little Damfino lakes on the way out

3 Replies to “Trip Report: High Divide via Damfino Lakes”

  1. High Divide? Um, isn’t that somewhere in the middle of the country? Like, Colorado?

    I always enjoy your sensational photos. All with your iPhone?

    Love, Dad


    1. I don’t have in iPhone, I have a Droid. πŸ™‚ And nope, these were taken with a “real” camera.
      There are actually TWO High Divides in Washington. And then that other one in Colorado or wherever.

      1. What is this Colorado you speak of? Any mountains there? Anyhoo, nice work Jessica. Gotta get the kids up there!

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