Trip Report: Goat Lake Loop

On Aug 10 I headed out to the Goat Rocks Wilderness. I had never been there before, so I did the quintessential (and very popular) Goat Lake loop, starting at the Berry Patch trailhead and heading up Goat Ridge trail and then back down Snowgrass Flats. I also took a quick trip up to Hawkeye Point and a few extra miles on the PCT. Total for the day was approx 17.5 miles and ~5000 ft of elevation gain. It was a Monday so I was hoping to escape the crowds, but I still saw a fair number of people out there. High season in the PNW!

Goat Rocks Wilderness – new territory for this north-ender!
SunriseΒ in the Goat Rocks
Jordan Basin at sunrise
Lily Basin trail junction to Hawkeye Point (a worthy detour!)
View of a smoky/cloudy Mt Adams on the way up Hawkeye Point.
More views from Hawkeye Point, with Rainier barely visible in the background.
Goats on rocks in the Goat Rocks Wilderness…
Goat Lake as seen from Hawkeye Point.
Goat Rocks
The route

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