Trip Report: Red Top Lookout (a.k.a Rowan’s First Summit!)

On Father’s Day I went for a family hike with Tom, Rowan, Robert (Tom’s Dad), and Lorraine (Robert’s wife). I picked Red Top Lookout because WTA described it as “short and easy… a great trail for kids and for adults.” They also mention that it is steep, but I figured, 350 ft over 1 mile? How steep could it be? It turns out the trail is actually only 1/2 mile one-way (not 1 mile), and therefore it’s kinda steep. Everyone in our group managed, but I’m not sure I scored any points with my in-laws! šŸ™‚

Despite the steep and somewhat loose and rocky trail, I think(?) it was still a hit. Robert and Lorraine live in Florida, and were astounded by the trees and mountains and views. Rowan had the chance to reach her first summit. Tom had plenty of time to take pics. And I got to hike with some of my favorite people. Win-win-win-win!

First views of the lookout from the trail.
Headed up the trail!
Rowan charging so fast she’s a blur.
Tom and his girls.
Mt Stuart from the trail.
On her way (with Pop-Pop and Lorraine watching her from the ridge)!
Almost there!
Rowan was super excited when she reached the lookout. But when we asked her to pose for a summit photo, she refused. I said, “OK, no problem, I’ll just take summit pics of everyone else.”
So everyone else posed for summit pics… which of course made Rowan say… “Wait, I want a summit photo too!”
Woohoo! Rowan reached the top! And mama tricked her into a summit photo!
Summit views
Happy fathers on Father’s Day!
Headed down. A great little family hike.Ā 

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