Trip Report: Cathedral Pass and Peggy’s Pond

We were in Roslyn for Father’s Day weekend, so I decided to take advantage of our proximity to some trailheads that are normally a long haul from Seattle. On Saturday I woke up at 4 am and was on the Cathedral Pass trail by 530 am (and most importantly, back home to the fam by 11 am!).

The Cathedral Pass trail is in excellent condition, with no snow or blow-downs. For the most part, it’s a nice moderate grade from the trailhead all the way to the pass, and much of the trail is runnable.

Tarn just before Cathedral Pass.
Mt Stuart as seen from Cathedral Pass trail.
Cathedral Rock

At Cathedral Pass I found the junction to Peggy’s Pond and started the traverse across Cathedral Rock. Peggy’s Pond trail is snow-free but definitely a bit rough, especially the first section. Nothing overly technical, but there was a marked difference between Cathedral Pass trail and the first 1/4 mile of Peggy’s Pond. Peggy’s Pond trail eventually mellows out and deposits you on the shores of the pond. There’s a large network of social trails beyond the pond, with options to continue up Mt Daniel or do additional exploring in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

Well-signed junction to Peggy’s Pond
Peggy’s Pond trail
Deep Lake as seen from Peggy’s Pond trail
Peggy’s Pond. The tan rock in the foreground is underwater – it was that clear.
Mount Daniel
One of the well-trodden social trails beyond Peggy’s Pond.
Glacial run-off

Next time I’ll make sure I don’t have lunch obligations, so that I have time to head up to the summit of Daniel!

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