Trip Report: Sauk Mountain

Yesterday morning I woke up early and drove out to Sauk Mountain. My plan was to do both Sauk Mountain and Sauk Lake, since it seemed like a long drive for just the mountain. However, I stopped so frequently for pictures that I ran out of time and never made it to Sauk Lake.

This is a really sweet little trail, especially if you go early in the morning on a weekday. I had the entire mountain to myself until I was almost back at my car. However, the eroding switchbacks indicate it’s used heavily on the weekends, so plan accordingly.

Looking down the switchbacks + my car in the parking lot.

The entire trail is snow-free and in great shape, except for the aforementioned shortcut switchbacks, which aren’t really a safety issue – just a shame. The bugs weren’t too bad until the sun came up. The wildflowers were blooming. The views were astounding. I’ll be back to visit the lake!

Ridgeline views
Traversing just below the summit.
Sauk Lake
Mt Baker
The Pickets
Endless wildflowers
Sun just coming up over the switchbacks
Skagit River and Whitehorse Mountain, with Rainier hiding in the background.

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