Trip Report: North Fork Sauk River

I tried this trail a couple months ago in the midst of a torrential downpour, and ultimately turned back before reaching the trailhead because I was concerned about getting stuck on the wrong side of a road washout. When I woke up yesterday and saw that it was only lightly sprinkling, I decided it’d be a perfect time to head back to the North Fork Sauk.

Forest Road 49 (the final road to the trailhead) was in much better shape this time around. No rivers/streams washing over the road. Just a few potholes that you can navigate with a sedan if you’re willing to go slow. Oh, and speaking of roads, many of the potholes in the gravel section of the Mountain Loop Hwy have been filled! All in all, the drive took less time than I anticipated.

There’s something about the North Fork Sauk trail that I really like. There are no spectacular views, but that hardly matters on a grey and misty day. The trail is in amazingly good condition, with miles and miles of moss-lined gently rolling single track. Running here was a pleasure. I’m excited to go back this summer and explore White Pass, Red Pass, and Pilot Ridge. However, yesterday I simply went to the Mackinaw Shelter and back. 12 miles total, but it felt much shorter as the miles flew by.

Mackinaw Shelter – sleek modern architecture and eco-friendly design (green roof!) long before it was fashionable.
Inside the Mackinaw Shelter
Moss-lined singletrack
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