Trip report: Boardman Lake

Yesterday we decided to take a family hike to Boardman Lake. We were expecting big crowds because the weather was so nice, but it actually wasn’t that bad. We probably saw a half dozen other groups, including a family with a gorgeous Malamute who stood on a log and howled at the lake. Both our daughter and our dog were enthralled (and me too, I admit it).

Despite the sunshine, it was still chilly and we were all glad to have extra layers. Our daughter did great on the hike, and most importantly seemed to have a blast.

Road was snow-free and had a few potholes that could be easily managed in a sedan if you take your time. Trail was snow-free and in excellent condition. Great day outside with the fam!

Boardman Lake-03170 (2)

Pre-trip briefing. Never too young to learn how to read a map! (photo by


Lake Evan on the way to Boardman Lake

Boardman Lake-03286

Playing in the mud (photo by


Love them.

Boardman Lake-03300

Balancing on logs – one of her favorite “trail games.” (photo by

Boardman Lake-03337

Snacktime in the sunshine. (photo by

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